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Spartan Gaming

Spartan Gaming is a revolutionary gaming platform designed to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology and swiftly bring its benefits to the community. A next-generation gaming platform for the decentralized world allows the players to earn tokens and quickly trade in the DEX markets.

This robust protocol creates an ultimate immersive 3D warfare experience powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Fantom, and Polygon chain, making the games we want to play reality and infusing them with creative innovation and passion.

To top it all off, Spartan Gaming places a strong emphasis on the player's experience to achieve a Play to Earn balance.



Not just a Platform,
but a World!

Spartan Gaming aims to create the largest GameFi platform in the world. We believe NFT and Blockchain technology is the future of gaming; thus, we've set out on a quest to become the largest NFT Gaming Community and Marketplace.

Come dive into the Spartan Gaming universe and discover a dynamic combat style that is unique in the world of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs). Buy tokens, collect NFTs, fight to survive, and explore infinite immersive environments in the BSC blockchain-based NFT Action Role Playing Games (RPG) as well as Fantom and Polygon chain. Spartan Gaming also allows you to stake tokens to earn in-and out-of-game rewards. Our mission is to create a gaming studio offering a plethora of play to earn and winner takes all games.

Buy Tokens

The Beauty of Decentralized gaming. Buy your tokens from any of your favourite exchanges!


Fast and simple. Register with a couple of clicks, and you’re ready to join the battlefield!


Experience the decentralized world of Spartan Gaming. Fight battle challenges and lead yourself to victory!



Reward Staking

Spartan Gaming is surely revolutionising the way DeFi staking is integrated with blockchain gaming. The staking benefits of a given actionable NFT are based on how well that player performs in-game. As a result, players are highly motivated to engage in gaming and increase their NFT.



The Hunt

A prison completely walled-in except for a force-field-guarded 'Chute' that drops new prisoners into the facility, and every hour it sends extra life, food, water but not enough for everyone. When food comes sliding down the chute, a violent outbreak erupts, leading to the death of many.

The prison is full of violent characters terrorizing one another. You must use whatever force you can to defeat your opponents and survive the hellhole.

To survive The Hunt, you'll need to be able to adapt fast to more powerful opponents and challenging scenarios, master fighting mechanics, and grasp strategies.

Visually Striking

Nothing’s impossible
until you try!

The Hunt allows the players to battle through story-driven missions to collect NFTs - Weapons, Armor, Ammo, Strategy Maps, Explosives, Water, Food, Energy, Enemy SatNav locations, and Costumes with unique team marks. It is crucial to gather supplies before the time runs out and deceive your opponents to become the last person standing.

A multiplayer RPG NFT game lets the user engage in the combat arena and profit from these battles. Additionally, players can take full ownership and seamlessly trade digital assets with other players through NFT technology.



More Adventure awaits inside!

The adventure is nothing short of an exhilarating joyride that can be experienced every hour. Surviving players are rewarded with an in-game cryptocurrency called ‘WAR’ which can be used in the game to buy items and are also tradeable in a DEX platform or CEX platforms.

Wait, it gets even better! Players bet against each other in duel combat, allowing the winner to take away 90% of the total bet amount. YES, that’s crazy but true! Your earnings can be unlimited depending on how strategic and smart your moves are. Just keep an eye on the timer!



Drift a range of high-performance cars around several challenging tracks. The game employs a 3D world with realistic physics and a steady frame rate. Detailed car tuning along with customization and modifying both visual tuning and performance of your car to make more skids. Turn the key and drive your dreams!

All races are free unless you get called up for a WTA race Get your heart pounding and race against rivals in 1-on-1 races. This will be a 3 lap race, and the winner takes all! The contract takes the fee from each racer as soon as they enter the WTA races, where 10% of the total race bet will be sent to the platform wallet. The remaining 90% will be for the winner of the race.

Live Games


Dice game

Popular game based on random number generator. Main objective in this game is to predict if the number will be higher or lower than the number you choose.
It consists of a prediction number that can go from 1 to 99. In this game, there is a lucky number that can go from 1 to 99 and whereas the user must select a prediction number and choose either roll over or under between the chosen number. Depending on the number that the user chooses and the direction, the win chance in percentage will vary as well as the bet multiplier.
Deposit in BNB, BUSD, WAR or iBar via your Metamask wallet and get your winnings!


Bobble Drop

Exclusive in-house game based on RNG. You need to choose a hole to drop a ball and wait for a result.
Depending on the hole the ball will fall in, you will get a multiplier starting from 0 to 4!
Deposit in BNB, BUSD, WAR or iBar via your Metamask wallet and get your winnings!



Classical roulette where you can bet on an exact number, colour, sector or zero.
Get a 30% refund from each lost bet!
Just connect your wallet and have fun!
Deposit in BNB, BUSD, WAR or IBar via your Metamask wallet and get your winnings!


The Power of Spartan Gaming

  • True Blockchain Gaming
  • Massively Multiplayer Online Games
  • Persistent Battle Action
  • Provably Fair
  • Cash & Crypto Rewards


Titan Corp Inc

A prison completely walled in except for a force-field-guarded 'Chute' that drops new prisoners into the facility, and every hour it sends extra life, food, water but not enough for everyone. When food comes sliding down the chute, a violent outbreak erupts, leading to the death of many.

The prison is full of violent characters terrorizing one another. You must use whatever force you can to defeat your opponents and survive the hellhole.

To survive The Hunt, you'll need to be able to adapt fast to more powerful opponents and challenging scenarios, master fighting mechanics, and grasp strategies




See beyond the screen

Spartan Gaming is a revolutionary blockchain gaming platform that incorporates smart contract-based eSports experience with its gameplay. Our robust MMO Action RPG platform provides the players with eSports competitions, real cash, and crypto rewards, improving our games' success.

Best gear. Best games

Our grant fund for game creators aims to speed up the use of blockchain technology and deliver its benefits to a broader audience.

Get Paid

1. Players pay entry fees to compete in your game
2. Winners take home cash and crypto prizes
3. You and Spartan Gaming split the rest

Road Ma

January 2021

Titan Corp Pitch Deck conceptualised

February 2021

Launching of in-house tokens for fund raise for marketing, technology, licenses and operations. It’s also a staking token for in-house games.

May 2021 – June 2021

Conceptualization and development of Spartan Gaming.

JUNE 2021

Development of in-house token as the gaming and staking token. It’s the mainstay token of Spartan Gaming

JULY 2021 – SEPT 2021

Conceptualization and research of exciting Play2Earn blockchain Games

OCT-NOV 2021

Partnerships for branding of the gamefi project reached.

DEC 2021

Development of the Dice War Game on the Blockchain.

JAN 2022

Conceptualization and development of BobbleDrop on the Blockchain.

FEB - MARCH 2022

Tweaking and launching Dicewar on the Testnet.

APRIL - MAY 2022

Conceptualization and development of The Hunt and Drift the Block.

JUNE - JULY 2022

Launch the Blue Chip NFT Collection on Opensea
Launch Hackathon and game testers competition for Dice War and Bobbledrop.
Develop the Hunt

AUG - SEP 2022

Launch Dice War and BobbleDrop to the Mainnet
Launch Roulette to the Testnet
Collaboration with multi chains for launching of tokens and user traffic mobilisation
Develop the Drift the Block game
OCT - November 2022
Launch Roulette to the Mainnet
Community Marketing
Launch games on DApp radar
Other channels of Direct marketing to be deployed

DEC 2022

Fostering of global Partnerships and with Sigma and Polygon to deploy the Affiliate Network as well as the blockchain traffic
Showcasing and presenting Spartan games at global Events

January 2023

Executing strategic tie-ups
Executing Marketing plans for the Gamefi project
Finaling plans to launch in-house tokens on cross chains

February 2023

The Hunt is tested and rolled out

March 2023

Drift the Block is tested and rolled out

Team Members

Spartan Gaming aspires to be one of the most popular online blockchain GameFi platforms, with a goal to be a global player in the space and reach the traditional gaming world. As they enable the development of the next generation of security tools and processes, blockchain technologies will eventually become the foundations of the vast majority of battle gaming platforms. Spartan Gaming’s team believes that blockchain technology will drive innovation in both the eSports and eGaming sector in the coming years.

Kavita S. Naithaani (MA, CFA) CEO , CFO

Kavita has 28 years of experience in managing operations, insurance, and finances of start ups and multinational companies at a global level. She is the Founder and CEO and CFO of Titan Corp Inc. and Spartan Casino and Gaming and has held senior positions with major financial Corporations like Citibank, Aon, Marsh, Willis and RAKBANK. At Titan Corp, she is responsible for stakeholder management, board level interaction, strategy and strategic tie-ups, full project management, operations, financial control, oversight of the online gaming platforms off chain and on chain, and investor collaborations. She is the key decision maker and brings a plethora of experience in building businesses, raising investments, providing risk management, investment banking, stakeholder management, and financial operations. At Titan Corp she has brought in the gravitas to drive the business; build big networks with gaming providers, investment funds, Strategic Partners, Stock Exchanges and Crypto Exchanges (CEX, DEX). She has been the pillar and mainstay behind Titan Corp Inc's transition to a mature phase She brings a combination of traditional financial services and fintech experience to the forefront. in successfully building up blockchain projects including DEFI projects, enabling mining of cryptocurrency projects and developing gaming platforms. She is responsible for launching and expanding various brands under Titan Corp, broadly encompassing Spartan Casino, Spartan gaming and the metaverse casinos, putting the company on course to becoming a global online entertainment company. Kavita has a Masters in Economics from the University of Cambridge and the University of Manchester in the UK, is a CFA Charterholder and has attended Global Leadership training programs.

Christopher Esprit, Chief Creative Officer

Christopher is a thought leader throughout many circles, having extensive experience in Blockchain, advertising, marketing, and lead generation. He is the Co-founder of Titan Corp and is a specialist in Blockchain-based technologies bringing extensive experience of building online casino frameworks, sports betting, advertising, marketing, lead generation, and bringing channel partners together. He has been involved in the mining of altcoins including Bitcoin since 2009. He is heavily well-versed in blockchain technology and is ahead in the latest trends and news. He has been a vociferous advocate of cryptocurrencies and the integration of blockchain technology in organizations such as Coca-Cola, Precision Leads Media Ltd, and other blue-chip companies. He has a great presence and voice with family offices and crypto enthusiasts looking for advent and knowledge in the alternative crypto space. His knowledge has been very beneficial for the growth of the online blockchain casino business and his tenacity to keep up with the latest trends has helped on board the idea of migrating the 2.0 casino to the metaverse at many levels. He will work closely with the Architects and Engineers in the Web 3 Space to conceptualise and build MMORPG games, and metaverse studio across different multi chains and multiverses.
He will be largely responsible for the buildup of Social media channels for growing the in-house blockchain games and the metaverse.

Sir Wayne Allyn Root – Brand Ambassador, Spartan

Wayne Allyn Root is the Founder and CEO of VegasWINNERS.com, America’s premiere sports handicapping site. Wayne has been dubbed by the media as “The King of Vegas” “The Face of Sports Gambling” “America’s Oddsmaker” “The Prince of Prognosticators” and “American Gambling Legend.” Wayne is the only sports gambling figure in the world to receive a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. Wayne’s career has been profiled by the biggest media in the world including CNBC, CNN Money, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Equities, The Financial Times, Success, Worth, and The Robb Report. Wayne also created the reality TV show about Vegas gambling. He Co-Created, Co-Executive Produced and Co-Hosted “King of Vegas” for Spike TV. Wayne is the Brand Ambassador of Spartan Gaming.

Dmitry Paliants, Head of Products

Dmitry has a decade of experience in the gambling and i-gaming Industry and has joined Titan Corp as Head of Products. He has held C-level positions with very reputable global brands such as TV Bet, Bet Construct and Parimatch in the live dealer casino Industry. He has expertise in integrating and operating platforms and providing content to casinos and operators in the gambling Industry. He is responsible for gambling sector connections, attraction of content suppliers, and licence management. As a Product Head he is responsible for product creation, algorithms, integration and working with the Quality Assurance teams of our Game developers. He is also responsible for risk management implementation on the operational website spartan-casino.com and spartangaming.io

Sergei Mochtchenkov, CFA

Sergei is a Chartered Financial Analyst, with 15 years of experience in the financial industry. Sergei focused the earlier part of his career on land development, and real estate valuation. Real estate helped refine his precision and a value oriented approach to financial analysis. The later part of his career was focused on the financial analysis of tech start-ups, in the SaaS, and blockchain space. The fundamental variables of analysis stay the same across all industries, says Sergei, they are: value delivered to consumers, protection from competitors and/or substitutes, and the relationship with suppliers and employees. Sergei is an Independent Financial Analyst and Consultant with Spartan Gaming.

Dagmar Turkova, Head of Investor Relations and Project Management

Dagmar has over 15 years’ experience in the financial markets with a focus on investment management, capital markets, crowdfunding for blockchain projects, and fund-raising for private equity and real estate (Co-living, Holiday Homes and Hostel). She is skilled in capital raising, business retention, and client services with a major focus on global business development and strategies. Accomplished in relationship building, presentations, negotiations, asset management and achieving consensus with key internal and external decision makers with contact base across GCC and Europe. She has an MBA from the City University of Seattle. At Titan Corp she is responsible for liaising with Angel Investors, Regulators and institutional fund houses and will be responsible for Project management.

Steve Pritchard, Affiliate Directorr

Steve is a thought leader on blockchain-based technologies with extensive experience in building online casino frameworks, in sports betting, advertising, marketing, lead generation and in bringing channel partners together. Steve has built extremely successful businesses through the lead generation and CPA and CPS networks. At Titan Corp he is responsible for driving the Affiliate Partnerships and creating reward programs across the European, African and North American continents. He will oversee the growth engine of this part of the business across the Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 games. Steve is also an initial Angel Investor and a Co-Partner backing Titan Corp Inc.

Galina Mikova, Consultant

Galina is a Hubspot-certified technical writer who has assisted multiple crypto and blockchain-based startups with web design, consultancy services and the development of whitepapers, business and investor proposals, press releases and other on-demand content, resulting in over $50 million raised from private and public investors.

Naman Solanki, Senior Design Lead

Naman is a versatile and creative visual designer with over seven years of experience working in the graphic design industry. At Titan Corp he is responsible for creating visuals, concepts, UI Designs, Website Designs and mediums of communication with investors, partners and players.

Obaid Siddiqui, Blockchain and Defi Advisor

Obaid is Vice President at Mobiloitte, with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Blockchain Solutions (Exchange and ICO), Ecommerce, WordPress, Software Implementation, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). At Titan Corp he has been responsible for advising us on gaming solutions, defi platforms and various blockchain solutions.